Step Up Your Game!

Are you looking around wondering where 2007 is going? Is Christmas almost here and if felt like Easter just left? Is another year going by; you doing the same things with the same people? Is it time for a change? Are you ready to step up your game?
     Sometimes life just gets in a rut. There is nothing really wrong, yet it does not feel quite right. Things are relatively comfortable, primarily because you are used to what the ups and downs are going to look like so there are no huge waves. Yet, there is a low grade numbness that has set in. A slight rumble at your core that says…”It’s just life…the way things are.”
     Well who is in the driver’s seat, are you? If so, drive. It is time to step up your game. It is time for you to stop and look at your life and ask the questions. 
“Is this good enough for me or do I want more? Do I want more friends? Do I want more fun? Do I want more love in my life? Do I want more money? Do I want to travel? Do I want kids? Do I want the grown up kids I have to move out? Do I want to travel more? Do I want to be in better shape? Do I want to focus on me more? Do I want to live better, feel better, and love better?
Well, what are you waiting for?
     You are the driver of your car! Quit letting other people steer you off the road. Quit letting other people backseat drive. Quit letting other people give you the wrong directions. Quit letting other people tell you where you should go, how you should get there, and when you should come back. Drive your own car and let them drive theirs.
In other words, be about your own business and put yorself first. This is your life and you get to live it however you “consciously” choose to. That means you can have whatever you want, do whatever you want, and be whatever you want if you are willing to step up your game.
Stepping up your game means knowing yourself. Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you? What sets your heart afire? What causes you to react? Where are your triggers? Where are the small places within you that pain, lack of confidence, sadness, and self doubt fester. It is time to clean it up and clean it out. Beneath all of that build up is your joy, happiness, success, and abundance. The foundation of that is authenticity, inner authority, and voice.
What are you waiting for? It is time to live and be free. Do not be the status quo that walks around seeing blacks, whites, and grays. Wake up and see the world in full blown color through the eyes of passion and inspired living. Raise your level of consciousness and vibration so that others look at you and say, “What happened? I want some of what you got.” Step up your game!!! All you have to do is…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh