How do you feel on a daily basis? Are you happy? Does excitement fill you upon awakening in the morning?Do you generally look forward to each moment of the day or are there parts that you dread? Are you having fun?
     Do you remember being a kid and sitting in the car on your way somewhere? Remember asking, “Are we there yet?” My son starts asking that question the moment he enters the car. “Are we there yet?” What it actually boils down to is excitement and the fun anticipation of what is waiting over ‘there’.
     Many people go through life silently asking “Are we there yet?” “There” might be a career aspiration, the right relationship, the home of your dreams, seeing your own children out the house and finally settled, retirement, or even the first job. But the question that repeats in the subconscious mind is “Are we there yet?” It is anxious hope for the future, uncertain if it is attainable but wishing and expecting that end to produce fulfillment…and the fear that it may not.
     Perhaps the question and the focus needs to be changede from “Are we there yet?” to “Am I having fun?”  It is quite a different question because all of a sudden it takes the focus from being out there to being center stage. It removes the future and sits with the present. It allows an individual to step out of victimhood and dependancy and create a life of ownership, responsibility, and power. “Am I having fun?”
     What if you asked that question of everything you were doing in a day? How much would you respond “yes” to and how much “no”? The fact of the matter is you should only get “yes’s”.
Typically when there is a “no” it is because the activity is a result of obligation, guilt, sacrifice, or people pleasing. It boils down to you not listening to your own heart…your own voice…your own spirit.
Can you surrender to yourself? Can you surrender to your own dreams and desires? Can you surrender to living the life you truly desire? Can you surrender to the possibility of joy? Do you even know what would make you happy? Have you gotten still enough…long enough… to let it bubble up?
     Approach your life from a place of “Am I happy?” If you get a “no”, make a change. Life is about choices and even no choice is a choice. Life experience is about change. One can only grow if they are willing to accept change.
     Why not choose to be happy? Do what you would love to do. Allow your heart to guide your life and let your soul dance in the magic of a new experience…a loving and honoring one.
All you have to do is…
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh