An attitude of gratitude is sometimes difficult to maintain when seemingly annoying, uncomfortable, or inconvenient situations present themselves. It is in those moments when we most need to see the gift to be grateful for. Join me every Thursday for an attitude of gratitude. Today I say thank you for the traffic…
     Thank you for the traffic this morning. Thank you for the endless see of cars that is rush hour, when children are on their way to school and individuals are on their way to work. Thank you for the stop lights and the time I have to sit and wait. Thank you for road construction, slow drivers, and speed limits.
     Thank you for creating an instant that makes me slow down. Thank you for making me stop when I insist on go go going every single day. Thank you for producing within my life moments that I may be still. Thank you for an opportunity to become more aware of my surroundings. Thank you for letting me realize that I have all the time in the world…and sometimes I need to just sit and breathe. Thank you for the traffic this morning.
Have a traffic filled day of gratitude!!!