Affirmation – Wednesday 8/29/07

I AM ENOUGH AS I AM… Starting today, I will begin to post an affirmation every Wednesday. Hump day, is the time of the week where you unconsciously or consciously decide how the rest of your week is going to go. These affirmations will help you to remember the truth of who you are, regardless of what kind of week you have been having… Lift yourself up to have a more powerful experience of life.    
     I AM ENOUGH AS I AM… My worth is not dependant on what I do, what I own, or the tasks I perform. It is not measured by the gifts I give, the amount I work, or the extent that I stay busy. I do not need trinkets or baubles, pomp or circumstance, compliments or adoration. I choose now to release the role of human doing and claim the aspect of human “being”.
     I AM ENOUGH AS I AM simply because I exist. I am worthy, specifically because I am present. My being is perfect in its form, in its shape, in its manner in this right now moment. I am an essential particle of the Universe that is necessary and important. I AM THAT I AM…is enough, because the Source of all things recognizes me as divine. I AM ENOUGH AS I AM! And so it is!  
Have a fabulous day!!!