What's the Point?

It means everything to me to be real, to live authentically, and with the utmost honesty and sincerity. I have no problem sharing my heart or baring my soul, because I know of our Oneness. I feel what we all feel, but not all are willing to integrate. I know what we all know, but not all are willing to recognize.
What’s the point of speaking one’s truth?…revealing ones heart… And sharing both joy and pain? What I have discovered is that many people keep waiting for ‘when’ and wishing for ‘what if’ rather than really living in ‘what is’… 
What I hope to get across through ‘Your Journey to Love’ is the immense power of ALL that Love ‘is’, which encompasses your immense expanse of experience and feeling.
How does one expect to connect to their authentic power if they cannot face their authentic pain?
How do you turn from or deny what you have suppressed?
How have you not honored your own places of heartbreak, pain and lost dreams?
And you might say, ‘I feel good. My life is great. I feel fine.’ However, there are moments where you cannot be still, don’t want to be alone, or are bored. There are times when something doesn’t feel right or you just feel sad. These are tappings of something deeper trying to gain your attention.
You see, I’m not speaking of wallowing in your misery, certainly not sitting in your story…. But there is great importance in honoring the feelings. The body must express; it must speak. It must rest and know it has been heard.
What’s the point? The point is that you can be both, human and Divine. Just because you feel hurt, sadness, grief, or pain does not mean you cannot still show up powerfully. They are not mutually exclusive… They are inextricably linked. And, you are not required to do anything. You are here to Love you first, whatever that looks like… because it is an ever deepening, widening and narrowing path.
Your shadows and your Light are both sacred. We are not here to serve humanity, we are here to find our own. How deeply will you dive into your humanity? Only then can you truly be of compassionate service to the world.
This is the path of Bhakti… Pure sacred celebration and love for all that is without the need to fix or change it. The point is, can you just be with it? With yourself? Your shadows? Your Light? The boredom? The discomfort? The power? The pleasure?
I’m not talking about the rabbit hole, ‘Alice’. I’m speaking about wormholes into new wonder lands. Let the house of cards fall and see how castles form in the sky. If you are ready for this place… The experience of Lover and Beloved… The space of pure sacred unconditional love, then you are ready for ‘Your Journey to Love’.  More here: http://bit.ly/YJTLove