Worry About Yourself

     I often see healers, teachers, mothers, and servers exhausted, depleted, taking on weight or illness purely because they are so attached to the ‘other’ changing, healing, learning or doing better. That very attachment is our codependency. We need them to be where they are in order to feel worthy, have purpose and something to fight for. And because we need them to be there… we keep ourselves locked up as well, never fully being free to feel the joy and lightness of being.
     You must understand that your only purpose with anyone or anything is to remain in a state of absolute inspiration and creativity. If it is filling you up for your own sake, then the energy is clear for the other to stand in their power. Regardless of who we are, what modality is practiced, or how smart we think we are, the only one who can change, fix or heal the other… is the other. We are the space of presence to bear witness. When we get out of our way, they get out of theirs.
In Love…