NEW 11:11 MAGAZINE – Birth Day Issue

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I am excited to announce the NEW BIRTH DAY issue of 11:11 Magazine. The calling has been from a deep place within my being and… 
The past 3 years has been a deep dive into all aspects of life and have inspired relaunching 11:11 Magazine in a new way. It is still the same beautiful integrative empowering magazine it was before, but yet it is different… It was everything ‘I’ needed it to be in its first 7 years… Now, in its 8th year of Infinite awakening is a Re-Birth… Just Like ME!
11:11 Magazine not only shares what I’ve come to know about life… myself… us, and our Wholeness – but also brings integration of Heart Fullness – Mind Fullness and Soul Fullness.
It is LIGHT! And, it includes attention to the shadows and darkness as part of this grand experience of LIGHT. In this illumination, the Gateway of 11:11 brings understanding in how to engage with the thoughts – emotions – and physicality’s of challenges, obstacles, dramas and traumas arising in life, relationships, and in the world around us. It opens the doors to Becoming the New Human for new neurons, pathways and beingness to be forged into powerfully creating greater Aliveness.
I feel a deeply devotional, expanded calling to creatively and compassionately…

  • AWAKEN my deepest soul calling
  • SHARE the beauty of other’s hearts and voices
  • EXPRESS wisdom I have gained through experience
  • EXPERIENCE the wisdom of others
  • BEING an example of powerfully showing up, despite any degrees of darkness that appear.
  • KNOWING SEEING… HEARING… and ACKNOWLEDGING – ALL THAT IS ordinary and extraordinary in what we hold in common…

11:11 is not just a magazine; it is integrated experience of Living – Being – Knowing. Enjoy… this Gift of Life Enhancement…
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