Youth Speak Their Truth

There is something about Spring… New birth… the freshness of unfolding life…
Spring does something to us; the longer days of Light awaken us. The warmth that cascades down helps us be come more open; more bare.
Life is asking us to be more transparent. Yes, to others but even more so, to ourselves. Each moment is asking for the vulnerable, radical truth to be spoken. Yes, to others – but even more so to ourselves.
Isn’t this all the dark and Light really are? The youth oftentimes are the least inhibited to speak the real truth of the moment. I was brought to tears the first time I read Chloe’s article submission. Her words were heartfelt and authentic; the writing was raw. She spoke the words that hide within our minds… within the fears of many, and especially becoming conditioned into the marrow of the young ones witnessing the violence and disorder that is arising; Paris, Belgium, Syria, the US… far too many places around the world.
And yet, there is an organic unfolding within this… this… great Shakespearean play we call life. These ‘characters’ are fulfilling a grand role to get us – the world of us – to be awakened to something. What do you think the ‘big picture’ purpose of these things are? What is it for you? How does it change your day to day way of being with your fellow man, your family, a stranger..
As you continue to hear of dark times, violent actions… and many things that contribute to the insanity of the world, where will you be inspired by a ‘new spring’ of Love, compassion, forgiveness and hope? Which oceans of pleasure will you allow yourself to surf. Which adventurous travels within your consciousness will you ‘resort’ to new horizons. And, on which side of the ‘sands’ of time will you lay… Past – Future – or Present?
I invite you to read Chloe’s article in the NEW 11:11 Magazine. And follow up with any of the many beautiful articles in this FREE ISSUE. Maybe feel out the Forgiveness Page…
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I am in gratitude to give in this way to the world. Much love as we continue to grow, expand and rise into Oneness together. I hope you will take the time to be uplifted, renewed and inspired with this FREE ISSUE and future issues.
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