NEW 11:11 MAGAZINE – Birth Day Issue

I am excited to announce the NEW BIRTH DAY issue of 11:11 Magazine. The calling has been from a deep place within my being and… 

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TEDx Event with Simran Singh

Please accept this gift. Take 18 minutes out of your life to receive… and then, please share with others. I am so touched by how many people have been moved by this talk. If you are, I urge you to read my new book… Conversations With The Universe … and also access all the free videos, audios and meditations i …

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Daily Diary 5-2-13: Engage With Life!

Grab that FEAR… It is awesome! It doesn’t mean what you think… It actually means Feeling Excited About Reality!!! Better yet… Fricken Excited About Reality! If you don’t like your life… Little secret… YOU have the power to change it! Don’t settle! Love you much much!!! Simran

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Simran's Online Daily Diary – The First Entry

Published on Apr 1, 2013 Life is really changing… Steps of courage… Stepping out… Leaping off. Come with me… Let’s hold the space for one another and dive into the Essence of the Fool! BIG announcements over the next 40 days and into the next full year! oh my!!! Sign up for my Free newsletter and a lifetime Free …