A Meaningful Life

A meaningful life arises from conscious committed choices, authentic relationships, and playing in the organic unfolding of the moment. This is not a linear path, and it does not always happen at once…
Throughout life, people have been seeking meaning. We decide objects, stories and experiences are meaningful, yet they may be meaningless for another. It will feel like a windy road as our feet wander this way and that; at times allowing something to catch or attention.
I believe a meaningful life begins when a person decides to do what makes them truly happy. It also comes from:

  • Taking deep breaths.
  • Taking walks.
  • Taking time to rest.
  • Taking time to play.
  • Taking time to do what you love.

You see, we all want to serve… and love… without getting depleted or exhausted. In order to do so, you must first ‘take’. Yes… you have to be a taker; the kind bulleted above. If you do so, you will have a whole lot to give, life will be filled with meaning, and you will be fulfilling your purpose: YOU.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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