Want a Life of Significance?

When you move past all the pieces that have been, you’ll meet the every thing, the allness; and the no-thing you really are. Go towards the Light. The quest for significance is another path but one that is ruled by ego and need.
I hear many young people say they want to live a life of significance. Or, people have said I want to contribute something to the world of significance. By saying these things, what is really being said underneath the words is, ‘I’m not enough.’
What if who you are, exactly as you are right now, is all that is required. You are enough because you are the embodiment of the God spark that is required in the way it is required in this moment, and the next and the next. That is already significant.
Does that mean there is no need to aspire toward anything? Of course not! It simply is asking you to inquire your motives.

  • Are you doing something because you have this need to feel bigger, better, seen, heard or acknowledged?
  • What is driving that need for significance?
  • What is the quest to be significance making you do, that you really do not want to do?
  • With who you are right now, do you feel significant? Enough? Valuable?

If significance is a quest, and you are working really hard on the outside toward that end… then, your real work is on the inside.
If your quests in life are coming from a place of deep devotion, love for the self, freedom, and inspired action from inner listening… then you are being significant in your own experience. That way of being does not require anyone’s applause, approval or awareness. But don’t be surprised if it organically appears. When you are not seeking it out, it will find you.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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