What's Your Worth?

What are you worth? What’s worth your time? What’s worth your energy? What do you see as worthy… and as unworthy of you? Due to the conditioning of the world —- through media – education – competitiveness —— worth is often equated to the material.
At the end of life, most people will say they wish they stopped long enough to value — time, relationships, creativity, play, love and serve. These types of experiences go far beyond net worth. They shift into the wealth of worthiness. There is no amount of money that can be placed on such experiences. These create richness in life, and in the spirit.
Ironically, you cannot buy any of the them, nor can you take them. These treasures are only to be given by you to YOU. So, what’s your worth? Was today spent attempting to be worthy, or being worth it?
Enjoy this beautiful video by my friend Nimo…

In Love & Oneness… Simran
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