Be Free in Spirit !

True sovereignty, true freedom, comes from taking a stand for oneself that every action is self-governing and independent. Every action comes from a place of non-attachment and the realization that the things we place such gravity upon, really do not matter. The things that cause upset, stress, anger, frustration are simply reactionary functions to ego based attachments.
Are you free? Could you walk away from every single thing in your life if it was in your best interest? Or, would your thoughts lead to the needs, desires, wants, and guilt trips of others? What has the strongest hold over you? Your children? Your spouse? The money? The possessions? What about the status? The image? The career?
At every juncture in life there is a choice. Whether it is to wear brown shoes or black, eat that piece of chocolate cake or not, give money to a homeless person on the street, or take a stand against an act of physical abuse…there are only two choices…LOVE or FEAR!
What if you approached every major and minor decision in your life from those two points of view? If you always chose love, you would be free.
It is our personal, moral, and social responsibility to advocate change…the place to start is within ourselves. We must learn to first govern ourselves and become independent of all encumbrances… this includes emotion and reactions. Taking a stand from the place of neutrality, in the name of love and because it is from inspired action… creates the perfect environment and experience to change the world.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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