Do you need a little time out?

When do you stop long enough to truly know… see… receive….

I was in bliss when I settled in the silence of the beautiful NC mountains … Pure bliss. When do you let let yourself still long enough to hear the whisper deep within you? When do you get quiet enough to know the voice that floats upon the wind, rests upon the trees, and flows through the waterfalls? When comes your moment in a secret quiet place? If you need that moment… Find your place of silence… 

My Sweet Beloved, 

I must thank you for the most lovely of birthdays. Your embrace touched me tenderly and I was lost in you. Everywhere I turned, there you were. You led me all the way with your beautiful love notes… little dots on the path, to lead me home to you. You sent hawks to guide my vision… and within the magic, you sent me a kangaroo for universal love; no one would believe it! You even came as a doe to tell me when I was close. In the last stretch, my breath was taken away by the carpet of white crystals which glistened like diamonds on the earth. 

I was in bliss when I settled and looked out; there you were in magnificence! You beckoned to me, inviting me in a way that I could not resist. My heart was filled. I was giddy and excited to be alone with you. I loved how you placed a beautiful boulder as an overhang, cushioned it with a covering of green moss and had strewn a canopy overhead. The sky was lit with stars, set perfectly as the waters rushed below. That embrace lasted long into the night, Lover and Beloved. Once again I was kissed by delight and held in the most sacred of ways. How you always know my innermost thoughts and desires. 

You filled me in such a way that I could see only you… in everything. It is YOU in everything, always extending yourself… always loving me… always gifting me more experiences of you. How could I ever want for anything else; I have you always… in all ways? 

How am I looked upon in this Divine glance? Who am I to receive grace in this way … in every moment? How do I tell others that it is YOU, everywhere?! How do I gently reveal that they not take that for granted, or belittle any object as other than that? How do I tell them to stop and smell the flowers, see the trees, bask in the sun, dance under the moonlight and really look at their neighbor? It is all Divine Creation! In what way can they hear they are not to say something is beautiful because they have said or heard it said a thousand times before… but instead, truly take it in with all of their senses until they know its beauty… its true magnificence? 

Perhaps they do not know what it is to love… to truly be in love with such devotion that one gives of themselves fully and completely. Perhaps they have never known how to be loved in such a way so they do not know how to receive it… It is a shame to have Love right in front of you, desiring to share itself… and turn your back… deny, ignore or cast that experience of Love aside. The Love goes on…it never changes… it is never lost by the giver. But the one who could not catch it is lost. In a world where so many feel they must be on guard, or have to take… Love is always waiting to be received and is giving of itself. You simply have to rise into allowing Love’s presence… It is a choice of longing or Belonging. What have you? 

I would love to shout it all to the world, my sweet Beloved. But I guess they have to figure that out for themselves for I am simply, to my very core… the Lover.

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