Expand the Heart – Broaden the Mind

I wanted to bring a special message to you on this Valentine’s week… it may seem an odd topic to write about at this time, but it is because there is a grander picture we all must understand in the name of Love… Can you expand your heart and broaden your mind?

Open your heart. Remember why you came. Your single intent… Humanity’s illusory longing and the unified impulse of all of creation is to love, be love, experience love and rise in ever-expanding Love. Who can you love better? How can you love bigger? When can you love boundlessly? What can you bring love to in this moment? Where can you expand the field of love, connecting in love, of love and with love completely?

Eighteen years ago, I had a semi-arranged marriage. Arranged in the sense that I chose to follow my culture, asked my parents to select my husband, choose the date and time and I would show up. I knew with every cell of my being, I can love anyone and do love everyone. I believe relationships are for the purposes of growing ourselves as human beings and soul beings. Those partners show us who we are, teach us how to be who we are not, or create the precise obstacles to break us into who we are meant to be. That is the beauty of relationship… especially the romantic kind.

On February 1st, my husband and I divorced… Gauge your reaction in this moment. Do you want to say, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Or ‘’How sad.’ Or  ‘What a shame.’ You may be like some individuals who approached me to tell me ‘I was wrong to leave.’ Or ‘ I had gone against God’s wishes.’ You may think… ‘What about the children?’ Or ‘How could you not just make it work?’

Let me first tell you, I love my husband deeply… and frankly I know he loves me. I also know that I have grown all that I can in this relationship, and although he may or may not know it, he has too. I love him enough to let him go. I love myself enough to not hold back my soul growth. I also desire to teach my children that it is alright to choose oneself, if that moment arises. I want to teach them that love does not change just because a status on a facebook page does. Nor does the end of a construct mean that love is leaving. In essence, the highest essence, nothing really has to change. I believe it is important to teach my children to never settle for less than the greatest experience of themselves and listen to their inner voice.

I refuse to have the process of divorce to be one of animosity. I choose how my experience is… I choose how I speak, act and respond. I know love is the soft blanket that all things rest in. This is not to say everyone should up and divorce… it is individual to each and based on whether you are living completely or settling for less of yourself…and how you desire to respond to that. What I do know is, we are here to first and foremost love, honor and obey the Self, because that is the only way to be able to love, honor and have compassion for another. On this Valentines Day, whether you are in a relationship, separated, divorced or single… Take a moment to love YOU… to honor YOU… To heart YOU… To cherish YOU!

Regardless of where you are in relationship, celebrate the experience of love that is present. Begin each moment with new vision, new life and a new experience of loving. You have the right to choose life however you want it… Be certain to choose it in a way that is good and ever expanding for you. And know… it can be what you define life and loving to be… not what the limited thinking others might have.

Wishing well from the depths of the heart space… It is what the heart is… a wishing well. When soulful dreams have been planted there, or love has anchored, or when someone or something has suddenly abandoned the space and is no where to be found, the wishing well still remains. It desires to know the truth of what once was because something real was felt. But know, your wishes are your own… There will be moments when another cannot show up or hold the depth of your dreams because it is too full, too grand, too much love for them to stand. Staying in the wishing well and letting them on their way is living and loving in the both/and that we are all given. But know when a wish is placed in the well… it always is fulfilled by that one, someone or another. Love never dies… never diminishes and never ends. It is always present and always the present.

In Love, Of Love, With Love and Laughter

Simran Singh – www.simran-singh.com

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