What are you DEVOTED to?

     Who am ‘I’? Why am ‘I’ here? We ask this question because we know we are larger than we are being. There is an inherent knowing of this… Evident in the capital ‘I’.
     If we wanted to know who the human being is, we would ask with a lower case ‘i’ but instead, it is the lower ‘case’ self knowing that the ‘Upper Case I’ is inherent within and that is whom we desire to know…To reveal… To express… To fulfill its infinitely possible ‘WHY’. These questions will keep being asked until we grow into the full recognition of I AM.
     When you operate out of Love and compassion, you are stating that you understand the Divine order of all things. You realize there is no good or bad, right or wrong, mistake or success… Only experience. Compassion understands we are each the journey… But more-so, we are each Divine, strong enough to handle and overcome any challenge or obstacle that presents itself as a means of greater self-realization and discovery… It is all good… Every thing! All is perfection and in order… Even that which would present itself as otherwise. See things for what they really are.
     Sit within the heart today. Know its Truth. Hear its whisperings. Meander deeply and discover its depth. Bathe in its loving essence and healing nature. GO DEEPER. Find the softness of the High Heart… the space of your God essence and rise in each step with reverence, holding golden the guiding Love that steers itself within you. GO HIGHER. Step fully into the secret chamber of the heart. Find the treasure that awaits. YOU are that treasure… in your magnificence, essence and being. Your presence is enough… Allow and receive the Master and Mastery that you are.
     Come. Take my hand. Feel its softness. Know its touch. It seeks only to embrace. It lays open to feel held. It is here to give unto you. Yet, it is open to receiving. Sure, it can close, but only in a way to grasp the full essence of what is in this moment… And then to relax. Oh sweet soul, I hand it to you… You have been all of this to me and more… Truly Divine ‘Hand-I-Work’ …As I am your instrument. 
     Hear me clearly. Your devotion is what is being asked of you… To love completely… To cherish with great depths… To spend time moment to moment… To know… To experience… To discover fully… To be ‘in Love with’ on every level, dimension and experience. Today, I choose complete and utter devotion… To Me… so that I can better Love You… And then I can know eternal Devotion to the Divine One. That can only happen in unity, unification… the embrace of all that is. What say you?
     Oh sweet love, you can be such an enigma… It is the desire of all to serve as loving beings… To be Love. Yet that is the mystery for most. One cannot be Love until they anchor fully into the feeling of being Loved. So, in my Devotion to Me… to ALL others and especially to the Almighty Presence, I sit and I open to feeling completely utterly enormously Loved by, YOU, Great One. As YOU have given me life… YOU have forever bestowed your Love. I was not present to it. Few really are. But now, I am ready to consciously receive this gift f your deeply cherishing, embracing, adoring Love. And perhaps… my brothers and sisters of the world will awaken to the same. It is in that sacred embrace that one and all may wrap themselves into the soft blanket of peace and joy. It is the Divine romance of the soul.. the true union of Lover and Be-loved.
Source-Universal Presence-God bless you. The Great Source loves you…and I love you. Consider what you have been devoted to… your pain… your complaints… your lack… your work… your attachments. Drop all of those things and place your loving devotion upon the sacred sweet spot that is your Divine Essence and see how life unfolds… 

In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…
Simran Singh
11:11 Magazine & Believe Center
P O Box 13795
Charleston, SC 29422