Full Tilt Creative

I have always found my creativity to spike in moments of deep feeling. As a creative I can and do create all the time, but the juiciest and most expansive creations arms from the places that take me into the deepest parts of myself…
At times, these are places of grief, sadness and melancholy. We all carry tremendous grief in our bodies; from loss of this life experience… legacies of pain… and ancestral wounding. Moving through emotions – by transmuting them – assists new directions in coming in.
Creativity is a powerful force in the transmutation process. It allows the voices of sadness, pain and grief to rise; in a way that is both expressive and inspiring, if we remain open to becoming more of the unique unknown. I found that creativity became a way to still – meditate – grieve, and in moments, survive some really tough things. It moves toward a place of solace, inspiration and freedom.
I went full tilt creative, as I grieved. The paint, the images, the movement — expressed what my soul wanted to say. The catharsis was physical… colorful… channelled newness from the old. It was an expression of the caterpillar emulsifying, and then emerging into a beautiful butterfly.
Let yourself go full tilt creative no matter what you are experiencing. You will heal… you will create… you will awaken to a new gift… you will support all of humanity simply by being present to what has been given you. You will find the stillness amidst the noise. Steward the heart and soul. You will come away with deep reverence and gratitude for what you do have… even amidst what seems lost. And you will discover, even greater beingness… increased Light… unwavering leadership… and a deepened sense of faith and forgiveness radiating forth in an even greater way.
HERE is some of what arose out of my Full Tilt Creative Journey…
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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