Rising Higher Means Going Deeper

I have clearly seen and understood that every step of growth leads to both expansion and an opportunity to stretch even more. I admit, for the longest time I did think the higher in consciousness one achieves, the less they will have to face as obstacles…
Hindsight is always better than foresight… I now realize that achievement allows us to take on more. The degree of consciousness helps us to navigate what shows up, in a better way… There is a degree of un-attachment that must occur to rise up the staircase of consciousness. As we move higher, we encounter greater experiences – some difficult, some easy, some sad and others blissful – but ever increasing. Why? There is not an endpoint.
There lay within each of us an insatiable desire to know all of life. That ‘peace’ comes from being witness of each moment without clinging to it. It requires a neutral observation that feels and experiences everything but digests it fully. This means, imbibing, feeling full and then excreting its hold while being nourished by the wisdom and understanding. If you fully embraced moving through life for the sake of experience as opposed to achievement…

  • How differently would you live?
  • How much more boldly would you live?
  • In what way would your love and compassion deepen?
  • How easily would you forgive and move forward?
  • In what way would you allow your dreams to be realized more easily?

The Law of Attraction, as mesmerizing as it is for everyone, is really the degree to which you will be open to experience, by moving beyond each moment. The more you cling to what you ‘think’, the more you will see that very thing. The ease of no thought opens you to greater possibility… infinite possibility.
Rise high into the expansion through experience. As you do, you will find yourself moving into greater heights of your own consciousness and awareness. This requires you deepening into the looking glass of where you still cling… hang on.. and stay stuck in those experiences that you have already moved through long ago.
The mind is a tricky maze, so move into it diligently. When you find yourself at the center of your being – just as in all mazes – you will find nothing. In that nothing, is the freedom to step out beyond the puzzling traps, and into the cool crisp air for breath, perhaps inhaling fully for the very first time.
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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