How to Get Into the Heart


Are you numb? Have too many feelings all at once and are overwhelmed? Trying to get into the heart but not sure how? Here is the roadmap… To find your way to the heart, you must allow yourself to feel…let the emotions come and if there are noe… fake it till you make it. 

Put yourself in the place that you do not judge the emotions that arise, no matter how severe, or harsh they may appear. All of our higher vibration emotions are sitting beneath the dense ones like anger, jealousy, rage, sadness, guilt… We must sift through those to get to the deep end of who we really are. Be willing to walk the shallow pool to get to the very depths of your nature.    

     The heart actually opens from the back. if you truly want to enter the secret chamber, close your eyes and imagine two beautiful doors resting at the back of your spine. Gently walk in and imagine the compassion corridor that leads to the most beautiful sacred sanctuary. Within this room is a Universe, encompassing the forest of fulfilled dreams, the fountain of never ending love essence and the pathway of eternal bliss. This is your ‘ever land’, your palace of peace, your Mecca of mystery… Go inside and fall in love.