Why Am I Here?


In 2007, I found myself in a place I had never imagined myself to be… alone, lifeless, without an identity or a purpose… having lost everything that held meaning.

I found myself sinking deeply into my own numbness. The 11’s, 111’s and 11:11’s began appearing incessantly, as many as twenty times a day… a language I had as a child, but had forgotten.

After several weeks of this, I became very angry, “Either tell me what you want  or make them stop!” 

In that moment, a complete issue of 11:11 Magazine downloaded into my head, cover to cover, word for word, every image and page. Then I heard the words…

“Do this now… You will heal and others will heal.”

That is exactly what happened… and is still happening… and much more.

I am ‘Devoted to the Journey of the Soul’… my own and that of the collective. Through my series of Dark Nights, I have been gifted with insight, expansive creativity, and expression.

The Soul is my muse… its journey… me, as experience, experiencing the expansiveness of me.

In that expansive expression, I am inspired to create beauty, love, conversation, community & connection.

I had to die in order to live. I had to let go to understand what I had been holding onto. I had to fall, so that I could fly.

It was ‘my right’ to have the dark nights… in fact, ‘a gift’… that I may awaken from the slumber of the walking dead.

I share that truth openly and lovingly, because we are all one. We are mirrors of one another… pieces and parts of the Greater One.

We are ONE…

 We are the ONES…

We are THE ONE. 

11:11 symbolizes a gateway between physical & spiritual, positive & negative, limitation & expansiveness, unity & separation.  

11’s – The Universe is winking, saying you are supported, protected and loved.

111’s – You are being asked to monitor your thoughts… only focus upon the outcome you most desire.

 11:11’s – Time to wake up, step into your true nature & be responsible to and for your actions, thoughts, words and behaviors.

WE are ALL Masters… 

 Masters walking… 

 Masters waiting… 

 Masters hiding… 

 Masters sleeping.

Most of all, we are Master Pieces here to discover how to be Master Peace.

With Love, In Love and Of Love… I AM Simran