Take the Leap! Have What You Really Want Out of Life!

What is it you really desire out of life? Are you willing to go for it? Yes…No…Maybe? What will make it a Yes? Do you really want to look back on life and say, ‘What if…’?

If I cast a line, what gift may I reel in?
If I row farther out, what will the ocean have for me?
If I bring in a bountiful catch, what shall I make of it?
Once I have eaten my bounty, shall there be more?
Will I have to go farther out, where the waters are deep?
Will I face strong winds and rain and storms?
Will the wisdom I have gained carry me safely through?
When I finally come home, who will be there waiting?
Will the arms be open or will the faces have turned away?
Well up in me great strength, and courage…
Well up in me faith and fortitude…
Well up in me creative wells of inspiration…
Well up in me Great Spirit that is ever-lasting…ever-loving… ever-leading.
From the time I was 10 years old, all I ever wanted to do was write. I dreamt of seeing my words in print. I would daydream about walking by a window full of my books and stopping to gaze inside. I had notebooks full of words, all books written to eighty percent of completion and then placed aside.
I would create an obstacle, a challenge or other work to distract myself from finishing. I doubted myself and whether or not what I had to say was relevant to anyone but me. I was afraid, have been afraid that if I truly put myself out there, nothing may be left.
No matter how much I wrote or how the writings would reel in comments, compliments, and at times, criticism… I could not see the value I held as a writer. I down played the gift, telling myself because I was paying for it, it could not be considered worthy.

  •  What would make me believe in me?
  •  What would make me believe in Divine power flowing through me?
  •  What would make me believe that all I desired could manifest as infinite possibility?
  •  What would make me stop caring what other’s thought?
  •  What would be the moment I would take a leap of faith?
I would not know until I decided to row. We are not given the opportunity to have our desires until first given the opportunity to know what it means to create those desires. Our blessing is to be able to walk, step by step, in the creation of our lives. The journey is about the discovery of the vision by walking and waking to the footprints we can walk on the pathway there.
We become inspired with a dream or an idea, but only in the ‘exhale’ does it manage to take form. The ‘exhale’ is the release of ‘YES’. It is expressing the voice waiting to be heard; one that is soft and faint. We must breathe life into it, allowing it to gain strength and sound. Just as our creator continually breathes life into us that we walk another day… we must continuously breathe life into our ‘children’. We must raise their voices and encourage them to keep walking. At times, they may stumble, but we can show them how to crawl and walk and run. There may be mistakes but that is how they learn and grow. Opportunities may arise for them and we must be willing to go the distance to meet them. Most of all, we must listen to the voices.
They have their dreams… What are they? What is the true desire? If we really listen, we will not direct them off course. But often times, they do get directed off course…because other more dominant parts get involved. Often, the more dominant parts are guided by the outside world rather than the one inside. Let yourself be guided by the inside world. Follow your dreams and they will lead you to your desire.
Warmest Wishes and Much Love,
Simran Singh