Let Yourself Go !

     Has it been a year of change for you? It has for me, both personally and professionally. I have come to realize that the human journey is a series of letting go’s. We are to continuously shed what we believe ourselves to be because we are more than that. When an identity or personality becomes too entrenched, it forces its way out if we do not let it gently walk away.      How could I have known that 2012 would ask me to let go of my center, my magazine, my identity, my spouse, my son and my life as I knew it. But as we close on 2012… it has also brought in clarity of the next steps. I am finding that more and more courage is required in saying YES, and deepening self-love. But isn’t that why we are here to develop our confidence, courage, creativity and self-love… all the rest is just story.
     What have you let go of this year? The energy of 2012 was to let go of anything that is no longer serving you, no longer in your highest good, or no longer feels like your truth. It is not labeling them as good or bad… just part of the journey that is now complete. It does not have to be agonizing, painful or dramatic… just part of your unfolding. This week is another opportunity to let go and prepare for the magnificent energies that are rising on the planet.
     We are coming upon a very powerful moon Wednesday night. In fact this whole month has been a huge planetary month. It was a buildup to the powerful energies for next month… and rightly so with both 12-12-12 and 12-21-12… numerological 11 Gateway openings by the way… HUGE ONES. These are the kinds of openings that let you really change your life with your desire, intention and will. What are you willing to contemplate for your life, have for your life, dream as your life. What do you need to let go of that is wedged so deeply inside it is holding you back?
     How is it serving you to hold onto that memory of the past? Does that wound, pain or trauma deserve to be a trophy on your mantle? Is that what you are celebrating by holding it in mind, giving it a spotlight on the shelf… Paying homage to it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Because you have made that heartbreak, challenge, condition or experience your ‘prayer’, your badge of honor… You cr

eate more of the same. You are a prisoner of your own war… You are the initiator of your own post traumatic stress. Wave the white flag, light the white candle, lay down the weapon… Free yourself and others. Surrender to acceptance, peace and forgiveness. Each day is a new day. Let each day bring a new way. Be new… discover the real you. Don’t keep dragging the old things into a new world.
     Know the powerful creator that you are. You can be, do and have whatever you want… but not if you are holding onto things that are of an incongruent nature to it. When you are willing to release, it does not mean you will have to… you just have to be wiling. I am more clear about myself than I have ever been, 11:11 Magazine is nudging to come back but in a new way with a new intention, my son has returned to me, and I have gained a deepened relationship with my husband, now as a spiritual soulmate and best friend. I am being urged to charter new territory for myself and the work I do. Do I have any idea what I am doing or what is to come next? Absolutely not 🙂 And that is the fun of being human… we get to figure it out through the experience of ourselves. You will see some changes in the coming weeks… Join me and make some of your own. I promise it is all Go(o)d!

Be blessed by being your own blessing. My Love to You.

In Love, Of Love, With Love
Simran Singh
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