Listen to Your Words

     Be not the disease of fear spread in the world; be the infectious contagion of Love, Truth and Peace.
     There is enough in the world that provokes the concept of fear. It is one of the greatest diseases of the human condition. In the attempt to be safe, to follow the rules and conform… fear is created, repressed and magnified because of the underlying insinuation of punishment.
     The human spirit is like a wild animal… meant to roam free, rest and relax in its nature. When it is bound and tied into constructs and systems that limit movement, individuals become trapped and caged like animals… that do not know they are imprisoned.
     It is easy to uncage oneself … just listen to the words you use. What do they mean? You brand yourself with each word spoken, and with them either create new levels of fear or safety – both within and without. Then, action follows word.. and reaction or response begins a new revolution of the same… amplified.
     The big brother of fear is indifference. This is in true opposition to love. Indifference goes on living without care. It speaks only for its own ego, intellect and agendas but is silent regarding balance, justice or equality. Indifference no longer knows how to feel because it’s deadened and numb. It’s robotic and a machine. It is led by hunger.
     This is why it is important to listen to your words… to express them about yourself and others. Know your impulse and motives. Why do you do what you do? Is it in reaction to something, because all reaction stems from fear. Even if the reactionary response appears to be a good cause; it’s still grounded in fear.
     Instead, simply act. Create. Be guided by creative Essence only. Let nothing be related to a moment before it that you ‘make all things new’. Share your words with enthusiasm, flow and giving of your essence and beauty. This is the antidote to indifference and the key to unlocking the cage of fear. Speak your love… speak your joy… speak your dreams… speak your heart, inspiration and connection to all that is.
In Love…