May is upon us and this issue of 11:11 centers on Giving & Receiving… After April showers, May brings flowers. We can learn from the earth as she knows how to give to herself the nurturing and pouring abundance of sunshine, rain, and feeling through weather elements. When this happens, the earth then blossoms forth able to give out more than even she took in.
    This is who we are as part of that whole energy system. We must learn that it is alright to take in nurturing elements from ourselves. It is alright to experience the sun and the rain, fully embracing both so that then, we too MAY flower. With each flower you see as Spring opens up, recognize those buddings as the limitless possibility that lay within you, ready to bloom. What are you doing to nurture the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and energetic bodies? Are you allowing yourself to view yourself only as human? If so…how much of YOU are you ignoring and is that, perhaps, why your experiences are showing up as they are? It really is alright to live boldy, pursue passionately, and step wantingly with arms wide open and heart expecting. If you are not living in this manner, you may want to ask yourself, ‘Am I truly living or just moving through time?’ It is your right to have exactly what you desire for your life. However it requires that you tap in, tune in, and turn on to the truth of who you are. What are you waiting for….well I guess you are waiting for YOU ! MAY you allow something more?  All you have to do is Believe…Beyond the Illusion !!!
Simran Singh
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