Meet The Greatest YOU!

Who would you be if you were not you?
Are you ready to step onto that part of your experience?

There is a Light at the end of your “tunnel-vision”… It is You! The only one that can get you out of the darkened tunnel of the smaller self and out into the big bright sunshine is YOU! The real YOU! The BIG YOU! The YOU that you may not even know. Stop looking through that smaller lens. Once you remove the eye-piece, you will see a larger landscape was there all along. There is much you will discover about…

Will you go where your mind does not wish to go?
Will you leap headlong into the abyss that the heart knows is sacred?

Tunnel vision is locking in on an identity that has a past, a story, certain believed limits, possesses lack, excuses and reasons. That one has got to go, but don’t let go of that one with your mind. Let go of the mind of that one.
That one is trapped in box, a cage… maybe even a prison… of its own making, no less. It might be a cushy prison, or a guided cage… or even a pretty box with a big red bow; but it is still trapped, controlled, conditioned and pushing against something.
It does not matter how evolved or un-evolved you are, there is more… greater… wider… higher… and deeper to go.

  • You think you know light? Go deeper.
  • You think you know love? Embrace the one you hate.
  • You believe you are awake? What if even this is sleep?
  • You think you are conscious? What if it is a deeper state of unconsciousness?

As long as there is an identity, there will be an illusion. Can you move beyond illusions of the mind?
This life is for living your true SELF! That true SELF has nothing to do with the human journey. In fact, it is the opposite. The true SELF is beyond human but can only be accessed by diving deeply into humanity. Not humanity on the outside; YOUR HUMANITY that lay in the very depths of every crack and crevice, cell and bone, tissue and stream that courses through your bag of flesh. Remain in the inquiry… Continue to see who is looking, speaking, acting and doing.
In Love… Simran

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