Saying YES is exactly what I did one year ago I was at a point in my life where change had been forced upon me, life seemed like a foreign country I had been thrown into, I had lost all that held meaning to me, and there was a choice to live or not to live. For some the literal sense of that would be heavy upon the heart. However, I was not going anywhere, I had a son to take care of but as I reflected on earlier years and experiences, it became very apparent that I had not yet experienced life in full blown color. Something within me realized there was always the choice of living just going through the motions, or LIVING demanding ‘Joy’ of myself and my life. I made the decision to accept nothing less from myself or my experience from that day forward. Life was going to be the bold expression of joy, service, and creativity I had always desired. Hence, through excitement, fear, knowing, and not knowing The BELIEVE Center and 11:11 Magazine began.      

     Too many people live an unconscious existence, feeling as if life is just happening and there is no way of participating in the true creation of it. There is a portion of the population that believes they have no control over where their lives are going. That is the illusion! The Law of Attraction is no more romantic than the Law of Gravity.  We are constantly creating even when we are not. Our beliefs, thoughts, and resulting actions are creating the days of tomorrow. Today is a result of our past beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  Do you like where you are? Do you like what you are doing? Are you having fun? Have you been too practical, too obligated too much of a ‘people pleaser’? What are YOUR greatest dreams and desires? Are you willing to take the time to invest in yourself the way you have invested in the beliefs of the past that have not served you? It is time to SAY YES!

Say Yes! to life and to living! Demand change of yourself! Expect nothing less than what you truly desire and deserve! President Obama speaks of a time for ‘Change’. It is time for change change your beliefs, change your thoughts, change your actions CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 2009 is an 11 year. 11 is a spiritual number that signifies the potential to transform.  There is an opportunity present to develop a new life vision by making conscious choices and stepping into personal power. Today is the day to say YES to whatever dream is buried deeply in your gut. Say YES to that thought that keeps beating inside of your head. Say Yes to that suggestion that keeps coming from so many voices regarding your gifts and talents. Say Yes to feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Fear is the necessary fuel for Passion and Passion is the key to truly LIVING.  11:11 magazine birthed and grew through Innocence, Strength, Grace, Seeds planted, Self-imposed Freedom, Living in the Flow, Feeling the Fear and continuously saying YES! to what my spirit was yearning.  Saying YES has only proven to open more doorways Why don’t you say Yes to the one in front of you? Just Say YES!!! Give this planet the gift of YOU! All you have to do is…

 Believe…Beyond the Illusion!!!

Warmest regards,Simran  “Simmi”  Singh