The I'mPossible Dream…

Truly, ‘What have you not had?’ Have you experienced the love of someone… And given love to someone? Do you know what it was like to feel abundant and buy something, anything… And yet to also know the feeling of desire from not being able to have what you wanted? Have you known what it was like to be with others, and yet had the utter experience of being so alone that the only one in the crowded room was you? Do you know what it is like to have a dream… to see something, anything come into fruition? Have you been able to die… and had moments where you felt like you were really living? Have gratitude for whatever your experience is. The fact of the matter is, we have it all… Our minds would let us believe differently.

 Living the life of your dreams means being able to create whatever you want… Why would you want to create it instantly, or too easily, because then life would be over… Know that part of the beauty of the dream is the discovery of who you are in every moment along the way. A dream consists of falling asleep, living the fantasy and then waking up to the reality that you are even more than the dream, or what it encompasses. Where are you in the great design of life?

 What if you are ever evolving life… nothing less? What if you could change as the day changes, organically grow as nature, change your moods and mind like the change of seasons? Have you limited yourself to really thinking you are only a body… a mere human… a person that is controlled by your family, surroundings, government… life? Well… you are missing it… you really do not know who you are. Time to feel into what is real and true about you. Time be life unfolding, changing and ever-evolving.

  When you let go of the need to know WHY, you are able to be present to being okay. When you let go of the need to know WHAT, you are able to be present to creativity. When you let go of the need to know WHO, you are able to embrace that it is bigger than you. When you let go of the need to know WHEN, you can live in the now. What does that spell? Being OK is BEING PRESENT TO CREATIVITY THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOU NOW!

 The path of your passion lies in who you already are. It is not something you must go out and get, a degree you need to attain or a certification to be achieved. It is not an anointing, a training or a blessing by some teacher, guru or coach. You are already equipped with your own personal magic. It is why you are you!

 Imagine nothing less than the Allness that is… YOU ARE THAT! The journey has already begun. It began the moment you said YES. And what have you said yes to? Know your vastness… Your interconnectedness… Your connection in, as and through all things.

Holding space for YOU…In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…

Simran Singh

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