Vision, Voice, & Intention

     Do you allow yourself to dream? Do you dream big or small? Do you have the dream and either talk yourself out of it or figure out all the reasons it will never happen? Or…do you hold your vision, voice and intention with a knowing that it will manifest.
When I began and 11:11 Magazine one year ago, I had a vision that talk radio would be a part of the recipe. Not only did I have the vision, I saw it to be its own show that served the same mission as 11:11 Magazine but in another venue. Why? Because some of us are process better when we hear – auditory, some when we see – visual, and some when we touch – kinesthetic. The radio would be a support venue plus be a place the auditory could hear. In addition, this life is about continually expanding and experiencing ourselves. I desired to experience my vastness and depth.
     So what did I do?…I made a vision board, placed my dreams upon it, looked at it everyday, and knew that the universe would bring to me what I needed. 1 month ago, a gentleman saw an issue of 11:11 magazine and met me. He asked if I had ever considered doing a radio talk show and would I be interested in being a Talk Show Host. The images on my board flooded to me and I said YES. After asking for something and then it manifesting, the next great task is being willing to say YES. Are you willing to say YES to yor visions and dreams?
     He told me he had been wanting to put together a show on health, well being, and positive living for ‘a year’. So what did the universe do? it brought two like visions together. we created the space to allow the law of Attraction to work…just like the law of gravity does every single day.
     I hope you will join me every Sunday starting at 12:05 EST on WOIC AM or via Internet on either (See the webpage below) or or the WOIC AM website. All you have to do is…

Believe…Choices For Conscious Living


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Just BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran  “Simmi”  Singh