WHY?… YOU are the WHY

In the moments of great loss, senseless tragedy and unexplainable events, this question hangs everywhere. However, I ask you very humbly to take a moment, in honor of all of the lives lost, to broaden your perspective. This may be a stretch for you in terms of perspective, but consider it. If it helps to bring peace, take it in… if not, then in one ear and out the other.
The biggest question in the world consists of three letters… ’WHY?’ It is the one that blurts out of our mouths, hangs over our heads in a bubble and creates physiological changes in and through the body. It is a question of frustration, helplessness, and at times, hopelessness. It begins when we are age two, stemming from innocent curiosity, but completely detached. As we get older, it stems from an innocence lacking, intense demand for meaning, that is of pure attachment. WHY!?!
The intricacies and details of our world and all of the magnificent creations that have been placed upon it cannot possibly be random. Do you really believe that Creation, our Creator, would create in a half hazard way? Do you believe that a creation that came from the Holiest Source would have defects? Are you saying that we live in a world that really has no meaning, connection or purpose? Consider these questions, because your response will make or break the foundation of peace upon which you can stand.
I would imagine that a Creator that could design something as intricate as the human body, magnificent as nature, and Divine as life would have orchestrated everything with precision and perfection, always for the highest good. This would mean that everything, EVERYTHING, is both a synchronicity and a miracle. However, it may not feel like that to us, depending upon our humanness, attachments and perspectives. Most of us are pretty attached, seeing everything completely at eye level, along with being quite entrenched in the human condition.
What if we were ‘elevated’? What if you could stand at a place where you not only saw the grand plan, but were involved in the planning… what if we all were? What if as souls we could program in when we came and for what purpose? What if a group of souls came together, seeing how the world was, how apathetic we have become to violence, how disconnected we behave toward one another that they decided to help us all grow, evolve and heal? What if part of that group agreed to experience extreme loss and pain? What if another part of that group chose to be the innocence that was taken? And, what if one of those souls had to be the bad guy? What if every single one of those souls, EVERY SINGLE ONE, loved each and every one of us enough to help bring about a ‘wake-up’? I am not saying we would not feel the hurt and pain…but perhaps it can be seen in more than one way.
What might it be that WE are to learn? What would be the big lessons that WE would have requested, especially now? Forgiveness… Love… Compassion… Connection… Service. What buried, suppressed emotions might it be helping US become aware of, because we would not any other way? Fear, Anger, Rage, Grief… and also innocence, courage and unity…  What could WE possibly learn as a society? Guns and weaponry are too easily available and accessible. Movies, television, video and games have become so violent that we are numbing children to that, and allowing them to grow up seeing that as normal and okay. As a society, we turn a blind eye to the neighbor, the child of a neighbor, even our own that are in pain, wounded or isolated. Did it require the lives of little ones to make you stop and consider these things… or had you taken the time in the many past incidents: high school tragedies, soldiers fighting in foreign lands, women being brutally mistreated, refugees in other countries, and do not forget, the unfortunate you pass in your very own cities and towns. These are a few lessons … and there are more.
If you desire to make meaning of what has happened, then seek how your life can be more meaningful as a participant in the world around you. Let this prayer be my gift… and understand from this day forward, WE are to see each other as sister and brother, each child as our own, every race as a beautiful part of our family and every nation under God.
Dearest God, Source, Almighty Creator,
As you preciously hold the hearts of the little ones that were your angels on earth and now angels beside you… Place a Divine salve on those hearts that hurt so deeply in this moment, one that eases the pain and allows them to reach out for support. In those moments that anyone tries to make sense of such things, let them lay down that burden in a step towards peace.
     Sprinkle the embers of innocence upon all of us, as we view tragedy… so that we remain in the heart, not engaging in the many stories the mind would devise. Let the peace, love, forgiveness and compassion stand strongly in the face of all fear that arises. Help us understand that there is a larger picture we cannot know… and that, we are eternal beings of Light, always whole, healthy and alive in you.
     Give us the insight which helps each one of us know, regardless of age, we are little children in your embrace… learning, growing, and evolving… having those of us show up in ways that support this somehow. Help the mind not put energy into judging, so the heart and soul can concentrate on loving, supporting, connecting and healing. Help us heal this tragedy, not by an additional rampage of stories, gossip and headlines… instead upon how we can support those grieving, those afraid… and the unknown ones, sitting silently wounded in a different way, so that more of these senseless tragedies need not happen.
     Help unite families with families so that humanity remembers it takes a village to raise every child. Make each one of us proactive, concerned and engaging in the lives around us. Bring us, higher and higher, to the elevation where we are in constant connection and oneness with each other, where every son and daughter is everyone else’s son and daughter. Let there be love, peace and blessings upon humanity. Thank you God. I am so grateful. I acknowledge your power and your presence. Yes. Please and thank you.
With the deepest love and respect,
Simran Singh   —   www.simran-singh.com