On this day, you are given a gift to truly KNOW – SEE – ACKNOWLEDGE – EXPRESS – AWAKEN to whom YOU really are. It is not airy fairy… This is not magical thinking… Nor made up. It is the truth of YOU. There are too many that are awakening to the truth… why not you too?WILL YOU HAVE IT?   WILL YOU AWAKEN TO IT?   WILL YOU RE-MEMBER IT?
OR… Are you too invested in the belief of being less than? Of being limited and lacking? Are you going to continue to believe what has gotten you to where you are… or will you be MORE… BIGGER… EXPANDED… BRILLIANT… LUMINOUS ?
It is your choice. To anyone else, it does not matter whether you believe in the possibility of YOU or not? It does matter for you, however, for your life… and especially for your experience and experiences.
Let me tell you who you really are… then, you decide what you desire to do with it. If you choose to accept this description of YOU… then you will have a basis from which to create, feel, respond and become. If you choose not to accept it… it shall keep lighting on your mind until it finally dawns upon you… in a ONENESS MOMENT. When you get there, the rest of us will be standing and rejoicing in your re-union.
You are not your body. It is the spacesuit that you wear. It is simply a garment that you chose, flexible, breathable, malleable, inflatable, compressible and destructible. You actually reside inside of it and outside of it. You are not your personality. That is just a story you tell yourself… and other people. You are not your identity. This is simply a role you play… well actually, your ego plays, to have something to do. You are not your story. That is just your earth school curriculum. Let go of all that you believe yourself to be. Broaden your mind… Open your heart… Expand your Divine Expression.
Imagine the most beautiful and brilliant ray of light. What is the first color that comes to your mind? It dances… it flows… expanding… contracting… playing. It shimmers and sparkles and glows. Imagine the most amazing Light you have ever seen… YOU are beyond that, one thousand fold. Give it shape… the shape of you, but standing twenty, thirty, forty… one hundred feet tall, when you let yourself fully shine in your power. In fact, the ‘you’ you have believed yourself to be rests within it. You are a most sacred ember of Divine Light. You are the Divine expression of the Holy of Holies… as the walking, talking creating, manifesting experience. Yes… God is in YOU, as YOU, coming through YOU… desiring to experience the God Beingness of YOU!
What if God were one of us? Well…. He/She is… Except that God is all of us… and that includes YOU! Today, acknowledge how God shows up in your life… Mail carriers, nurses, doctors, teachers, children, garbage men, soldiers, your spouse… Your neighbor… Your enemy. If all is Go(o)d, then EVERYTHING, no matter how it appears serves Go(o)d. Let your worship and praise not just be words… But also deed, action and expression.
You are energy… pure and magnificent… without form… richly filled with the essence of Love… Oh no, not what you believe love to be… what real Love is…
Do you desire to know the vast truth that you are? Do you want to feel it… energetically… within the heart… the mind… vibrating throughout your spirit?  Then I invite you to be present for the 12-12-12 World Meditation & Activation at 10 AM PST  / 1 PM EST ( an MP3 will be sent out as well if the time does not suit) Allow yourself to share in Oneness with people all over the globe. Click this Link:
In the second hour, I will be initiating a sacred soul activation that you will feel on multiple levels. Awaken to who you really are at This Moment… a very special time in our planetary and human history. Trust me… you do not want to miss this… YOU do not.
In Love, Of Love, With Love… Always… In All Ways… Through Oneness,
Simran Singh
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