Step Up Your Game!

Are you looking around wondering where 2007 is going? Is Christmas almost here and if felt like Easter just left? Is another year going by; you doing the same things with the same people? Is it time for a change? Are you ready to step up your game?


How do you feel on a daily basis? Are you happy? Does excitement fill you upon awakening in the morning?Do you generally look forward to each moment of the day or are there parts that you dread? Are you having fun?


     Often events in our lives cause us to question who we have been. In many instances, they come forward as a challenge, conflict, or or sadness. Moments of reflection can create questions as to the meaning of life and the difficulty “that” sometimes entails. In each situation, however, these moments are not to have us question who we have been, …


     The breath is the guage of my beingness. It is the peace within me. My consciousness of breath creates peace. The steadiness with which I intake air is the level of peace I allow in my life. I breathe in peace…I breathe out anything unlike peace. I am peace because PEACE BEGINS WITH ME.

"The true object of human life is play." – G.K. Chesterton

     There is an old indian saying, “chew your food so that it becomes like water and drink your water so slowly that you chews like food”. Although most people would regard this little verse to be about relates to how we live life.

What is your prayer?

     Life is meant to have times of ease and times of and times of less ease. In those moments that you might find challenging, what do you do? How do you react? How do you support yourself?


“I KNOW I AM SAFE BEING ME.” There comes a time when who you have been does not feel quite right any longer. Situations and circumstances arise where you go through the motions, responding as you always have. Yet, a small voice keeps saying, “Is this who I really am?” Are you ready to move beyond who you have allowed …

"I learn by going where I have to go to." -Theodore Roethke

“I learn by going where I have to go to.” -Theodore Roethke What is stopping you from living the life you desire, participating in the adventure you dream of, pursuing the song in your heart? What are you waiting for?…The right time? The right amount of knowledge? The right circumstances? A signal from the Universe?


I AM THE LIGHT. I am a new day dawning. I am the first kiss of morning air. I am the breath of inhalation and exhalation. I am…