Simran Singh in Vegas on Virtual Light Broadcast with Sandie Sedgebeer

July 27, 2013 How “Conversations with the Universe” got started What if challenges are actually there for us not against us Correlating yourself with the rhythms of the seasons We create situations that provide us with excuses to not do the things we want to avoid We are a self-organizing structure The journey she is now on A master is …

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Simran Singh speaks at Seeking Indigo – Charleston SC

July 26 – Talk & Book Signing at Seeking Indigo Simran Singh at Seeking Indigo in Charleston, SC—Symbols, coincidence and synchronicity are part of a personal conversation from the Universe, intended to provide ease and guidance. We are not alone. nor have we been creating life experiences on our own. There is a co-creative Universal Intelligence who is very much …

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Tedx Talk – Simran Singh on Conversations WithThe Universe

May 2013 The publisher of 11:11 Magazine and the host of the syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio and On the Lighter Side Radio, specializing in metaphysics, spirituality and motivation, Simran discusses how one can change with faith in the universe. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to …

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TEDx Event with Simran Singh

Please accept this gift. Take 18 minutes out of your life to receive… and then, please share with others. I am so touched by how many people have been moved by this talk. If you are, I urge you to read my new book… Conversations With The Universe … and also access all the free videos, audios and meditations i …

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Daily Diary 5-7-13: Giggle a little

Creation happens… but the energy we surround it with determines what it looks like and the degree of sustainability. Something very profound is happening… cannot quite put words to it yet but it is powerful… There is a knowing that is growing. 7 Days till Book officially releases but available for preorder now. “A brilliant student of the Universe, …

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Daily Diary 5-2-13: Engage With Life!

Grab that FEAR… It is awesome! It doesn’t mean what you think… It actually means Feeling Excited About Reality!!! Better yet… Fricken Excited About Reality! If you don’t like your life… Little secret… YOU have the power to change it! Don’t settle! Love you much much!!! Simran