What does the date 11-11 really signify?

   SIMRAN SINGH Reveals… Why & How 11:11 magazine downloaded into her life. Steps toward greater happiness, peace and balance. The magic and mysticism that surrounds all of us. Hidden languages that abound if we listen beyond our five senses ! 11 Intentions that support this gateway acceleration of positive living in your life… Spend an inspiring hour…        HIGHER …


Particularly in the moments when things look dark, lays the opportunity to dive into our dreams.

Can You Hear It?

“I hear your voice on the wind and I hear you call out my name ‘Listen my child’, you say to me, ‘I am the voice of your history. Be not afraid; come follow me Answer my call and I set you free I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain; I am the voice of your …

All YOU Have to do is BELIEVE

All YOU Have to do is BELIEVE… Within this vast world of categories… the good, bad, alternative, normal, positive and negative, lays the space that is waiting for you just to BELIEVE.


Find Your Voice…It is there… It is to be connected to… It is callling from within and without… It shows up all around you … It desires to be heard, especially by YOU ! 

Choose Today…Walk with Wisdom

Choose Today…what? Walk with wisdom…Live by Universal Law…Understand your power and role in our world and its future…