You and I are ONE !

Where do you find beauty? What do you hold gratitude for? What were the expectations of this year that is passing and how do those create the filter for next years dreams?

Redefining STRESS for the Holidays

     As the holidays approach, it is only natural to feel as if time is speeding up. There are multitudes of things to complete, people to entertain or take care of, and lots to cook. However, stress is as much a habit and unconscious behavior as many other habits we form.

Vision, Voice, & Intention

     Do you allow yourself to dream? Do you dream big or small? Do you have the dream and either talk yourself out of it or figure out all the reasons it will never happen? Or…do you hold your vision, voice and intention with a knowing that it will manifest.

WHERE'S YOUR VOICE?…Election day is Nov. 4th!

It is clearly obvious that human beings create patterns of behavior. But, how well do you know yours? Well, I would like you to reflecyt upon the idea that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING…hence your pattern will be known.

False Evidence Appearing Real…F.E.A.R.

The highest density of fear exists in the US, particularly in the South, as written in Time Magazine and Newsweek. I have been able to experience the strength of the human spirit, the methods in which we fall into fear, and how people often lead themselves into places of negativity and discourse rather than positivity and openness. This story mirrors …

The Vision Quest

Take a space of time and sit still…Be alone with oneself. Leave all of the world behind…all except water. What do you think you will find…come to know…experience? What is possible if you allow the flow…

What is the Purpose for Your Existence?

     Many individuals have approached me and asked why I chose 11:11 as the name for this publication. There have been a series of numbers I have seen for as long as I can remember: clocks, billboards, mail boxes, license plates eerily coincidental and wonderfully magical. These numbers 11, 111, 11:11, 22, 33 and 44 have been a constant dialogue …


Nature sits before us silently to say…all you have to do is connect, watch and listen…we are here to show you the way…