How Do You Pray?

If you break my heart; I’ll thank you. If you take from me; I’ll bless you. If you disregard me; I’ll hold the space for you. You are me, I am you; to see, hear and acknowledge. In letting go, the illusion dissolves. In what manner do you cry out… call out… deepen… or dive within?  In those moments of …

Strength & Perseverance

The brand new issue of 11:11 Magazine is available and focuses upon the strength of the human spirit and the perseverance we have within this hero’s journey. Some of the wisdom gained from contributors from the serving in Afghanistan, battling Stage 4 cancer and…

A Few Explosions !

Take it from one who knows… My life could be perceived as a mine field; one that I surely have tested and tried. But aren’t we here for experience?… To grow?… discover?… To love and be loved?

What You Face is Powerful !

There are moments when the extraordinary occurs; some experienced as beautiful and others down right challenging, or traumatic. There is a purpose for these encounters. They arise to empower… They arise to fulfill a deeper wish.

NEW 11:11 MAGAZINE – Birth Day Issue

I am excited to announce the NEW BIRTH DAY issue of 11:11 Magazine. The calling has been from a deep place within my being and…